Fee Schedule:

Initial Visit (Adult):  $190

Follow-up Visit 30min:  $95

Follow-up Visit 45min:   $130


Child & Pediatric Initial Visit (14 and under):  $155

IV Therapy:  $145 (dose dependent)

*No HST is charged on Visit Fees.

**Naturopathic Medicine is most often covered if you have health insurance

IV Vitamin Therapy:

Our IV's range in price due to the difference dosages of nutrients and vitamins.

For more in-depth information and fee breakdown please feel free to visit our IV Therapy Page

During COVID-19:

If you would like to conduct an appointment by phone

Please contact us via email:  dr.dvnmc@gmail.com

We are able to drop ship tests, review results, create treatment plans and assess current therapy.

New Patients:

During your initial visit, it is our goal to learn as much about your health as we can. This may include past medical history, recent blood tests, specific assessment procedures, and appropriate examination. The clinical assessment will help guide the Therapeutic Goals.

Our first visits will typically run 1hour in length, as we would also like to discuss and explain treatment options during this time as well.

Please feel free to complete any applicable forms prior to your visit


Dr. Devin McEachern, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Call Us:  705-730-1533