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Allergies, Intolerances & Sensitivies

Anti-Aging Benefits from I.V. Vitamin Therapy

 Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, and Fatigue

All pharmaceutical options come with side effects.  Some may be quite intolerable

Our goal is to help identify the triggers and causes behind the way you feel, and help your body and brain return to a balanced, happy and relaxed state.

Daily life can create a lot of stress and trauma.  How our bodies deal and manage with that stress is the factor that allows us to maintain a healthy, happy life!

Neurobiochemistry in the body

Low DOPAMINE levels may be responsible for:

Lack of motivation, low energy, poor concentration, and low Moods

Low SEROTONIN levels may be responsible for:

Depression, insomnia, pain, digestive concerns , and low energy

Low GABA levels may be responsible for:

Anxiety, waking at night, stressed out, restless, and irritable

Low Acetylcholine levels may be responsible for:

Poor memory and concentration, brain fog, stressed, weight gain, and neurological signs

By addressing the fundamental depletion or biochemical imbalance, a person can return to feeling functional, manage stress better, sleep more restfully and enjoy more energy.

These areas of depleted or imbalanced Neurotransmitters can be supported with lifestyle, nutritional and supplement means.  Caution is required when combining therapy with current medication.  Please seek professional help when considering weaning off medication or combining therapies. 

Bio-Identical Hormone therapy:

A bioIdentical hormone is the exact same microscopic chemistry that our bodies produce, and from natural source. 

The results from using these hormones can range from: 

Protection from unhealthy hormone imbalances

Improved sleep, memory, mood and energy

Preservation of skin vitality, and lean muscle

Support for mental, physical and sexual health

Improvement to metabolic and energetic processes

Each of our patients receive an individualized program, with their best interest in mind;  Based on age and circumstance

We do offer a free 15min consultation to discuss how BioIdentical hormone therapy may benefit you!

Please contact us via phone or email for any further information.

There are many different symptoms that arise from a food sensitivity or allergy.  Because the Gut and Brain are connected, the skin, lungs are affected by food allergies, and the immune system responds to dietary antigens as well.  So it's no wonder that often times chronic complaints of:  Headaches, fatigue, asthma, eczema, and acne to joint pain, weight gain, bloating, moods and concentration, can be related to one or many dietary factors.  We also frequently notice that dietary or environmental sensitivities change as we age.  Occasionally it seems that suddenly someone will become allergic or sensitive to something in their diet that never used to bother them before.  This is because there are many different factors that maintain a sense of equilibrium in our digestion or allergy/immune systems.  When something becomes a sudden or new hypersensitivity, then it is a sign that one or more systems in the body need to be supported better.

Food sensitivity or Food Allergy testing can be a great way to identify the cause behind many symptoms in your health.

Abnormal menstrual cycles
Increased sugar and salty cravings
Stress exhaustion
Sleep difficulty
Increased allergies and sensitivities
Reduced sex drive

Dr. Devin McEachern, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Hypothyroid or Sluggish Thyroid?

One of the most notable conditions seen in women from 30-60 is an underactive thyroid.  Patients commonly present with symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, headaches, dry or thinning hair, bowel concerns, cold extremities and depression.  A sluggish thyroid can also impact cycling hormones, and create menstrual complaints as well.

The cause of a sluggish thyroid will vary:  from past pregnancies, adrenal fatigue or specific nutrient autoimmunity, inflammation, or hormone imbalances.

Maybe you have been told that "Your Thyroid Levels are Normal"  It is very common that your initial test of (TSH) will fall within the normal range.  Somewhere between 0.5-4.0 mU/L,  However a complete thyroid assessment involves at least (5) blood markers.  The additional tests give a full picture as to "how well" the thyroid is functioning. 

The Pituitary - Thyroid - Adrenal axis is one of the most important hormonal systems that is responsible for daily optimized health.  Feeling energy, sleeping well, dealing with stress, eating well, maintaining weight and feeling hormonally balanced.

Symptoms of an imbalanced Thyroid and Adrenalendocrine system may include:

Thinning hair and eyebrows

Uncomfortable body temperature

Difficulty losing weight

Fatigue or weakness

Memory loss or "brain fog"

Dry skin



Getting the full picture as to how hormones are interacting helps to simplify the treatment process and lead to quicker resolution of symptoms!

IV Vitamin Therapy can help promote a healthy, vital and more youthful body and mind.

Our patients often comment on the improvements of their hair and skin after a series of 4-6 IV treatments.

Infusions of a complex of minerals, vitamin and anti-oxidants improve health and appearance. 

With the additional nutrients from IV Therapy our bodies are able to more effectively support the most important areas of function and repair and also the area of appearance of hair, skin and nails.


Feeling Overwhelmed and Exhausted

Our health and vitality is one of the most important aspects to enjoying life

Wanting more energy and less pain are the 2 most common areas of concerns presented to us by our patients.

There can be a host of mechanisms that may contribute to these symptoms, and it is our goal to find out the most prevalent factors involved in each individual patient.

Often one of the simplest and quickest ways to return to feeling more energy and less stress is through Vitamin Infusion therapy.  The goal is not to replace a healthy diet with simply Intravenous Vitamins.  The goal is to support our patients from (A) Their current state of feeling unwell - to (B) A state in which maintaining a healthy, active and energetic lifestyle is possible.

Intravenous Vitamin Therapy is a great way to boost the systems in the body that deal with stress, immunity, pain, inflammation and moods.

Maintenance of the healthy and happy individual is achieved through proper diet, supplementation and lifestyle.

Should you have any further questions about IV Therapy, please contact us via phone or email !

Dr. Devin McEachern, ND, Naturopathic doctor in Barrie Ontario